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You have got to try it….

Have you heard that CrossFit GroundSpeed is now offering Bootcamp?

Well, this past Saturday we held our first official Bootcamp here at the box. If you were not there to experience Bootcamp on Saturday, you may want to give it a try.

Our newest coach here at the box, Carlie Wallace, will be the Bootcamp instructor. She will encourage you, push you, strengthen you, and transform you to be who you want to be. She comes with great experience as a certified personal trainer and Functional Movement Systems Level I professional.

You may ask, What is Bootcamp?
Bootcamp is a type of group/team physical training program conducted by gyms or personal trainers. The program is designed to build strength andfitness through a variety of intense intervals during a short time frame.
Bootcamp is for the strong, the weak, the fit, and the not so fit. There is no discrimination, as long as you have the will to finish what you started. The benefits of bootcamp are ASTONISHING!

Who can come to Bootcamp?
Groundspeed Bootcamp is for all levels of athletes! Those who are just starting out or those who’ve been at it a while. Carlie will scale any movement to accommodate fitness levels, injuries, mobility restrictions, etc… You do not have to be an existing CrossFitter at our box to start Bootcamp. Just come check out a Bootcamp class and we will give you all the details!

How long is a class?
We know not everyone has a alot of free time in their busy schedules. Between working, school work, families and sports there isn’t much extra time in our daily lives. That’s why our Bootcamp classes are only 30 mins long! Now, you can definitely spare 30 mins of your day to get healthier, stronger and more fit! It will be the BEST 30 mins of your whole day!

When is Bootcamp?
Mon, Wed, Fri class times are:
5:30 AM, 345PM, 4:15PM, and 530PM

Tue & Thur class times are:
345PM, 4:15PM, and 530PM

So be sure to spread the word about CrossFit GroundSpeeds Bootcamp to your friends, your coworkers, your family members and the community! Tell them they won’t regret it, because we are The Cult that Cares!!!

Your Friend,

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Michael GiaquintoYou have got to try it….

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  1. Mike Daversa   Reply

    Hi Carlie. You look great, and I’m so happy for your success, especially the Wallace part.