Familiarize yourself with The Box Rules!

Be responsible for your own fitness. Scale back your workout when necessary.

Offer support, assistance, motivation to everyone. We are a community or as some may say a ‘Cult That Cares’.

X-out the ego, drama, baggage, rumors, whining, complaining, bad attitude, and rudeness.


RSVP always and check-in when you get here.

Um, Your mama doesn’t work here, so be sure to put up all your equipment when done working out. If you sweat, bleed, or puke please sanitize the area.

Leave your kids in the kid room. Not only for their safety but also for the athletes! And Clean up after them before leaving.

Extra chalk may be needed to make you feel stronger. But, we will make fun of you!

Stay positive!

Enough Said!

Your Friend,

The Blog-Fitter