The Box Rules


Familiarize yourself with The Box Rules! Be responsible for your own fitness. Scale back your workout when necessary. Offer support, assistance, motivation to everyone. We are a community or as some may say a ‘Cult

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PR’s for everybody


Way to start off the New Year with all these great new P.R.’s in January. Set a Goal for yourself......Get on The P.R. White Board Once a Month with a New P.R.! Laura B -

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New Class Schedule


What's up GroundSpeeders!? Hope all is well! We have made a slight change to our Saturday class schedule that we need to share with you. Help us spread the word! Starting Saturday, February 6, 2016

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End of the Year PR’s


Saying Good-bye to December and Hello to January 2016! What a great way to end 2015 with all these great PR's!  Ya'll Rock!  Keep up the Good work through 2016 and let's make lots of awesome

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Transformation Tuesday


Time to meet another one of our wonderful athletes! Meet Joe Tallent!    My name is Joe Tallent and was born in Atlanta, GA. My father worked for the railroad so we moved all around

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Have You Met Him


Maybe you haven’t actually met him, but I’m sure you’ve seen him in the box. He’s the one who comes in and does lots of jump roping, crazy jump roping, kind of like he’s dancing

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Hittin’ those PR’s


Way to GO GROUNDSPEEDERS! We had some great PR's reached last month! All the way from New Time Crossfitters to Old Timer Crossfitters HITTIN' those PR's! THIS IS GREAT!!! Jenn H. > 75kg Front Squat Britt

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