JOIN US! Saturday, Feb 6th @9:00 am FREE Community WOD   You don't want to miss this Free opportunity to Try CrossFit GroundSpeed!  Where we care about our community!  Come Saturday and sweat, laugh, lift

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The 2016 CrossFit Open


It’s that time again CrossFit GroundSpeeders!!!   The ‘2016 OPEN’ is upon us. We will be hosting Friday Night Lights every Friday night during the Open. There will be no structured classes offered during Friday

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End of the Year PR’s


Saying Good-bye to December and Hello to January 2016! What a great way to end 2015 with all these great PR's!  Ya'll Rock!  Keep up the Good work through 2016 and let's make lots of awesome

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Transformation Tuesday


Time to meet another one of our wonderful athletes! Meet Joe Tallent!    My name is Joe Tallent and was born in Atlanta, GA. My father worked for the railroad so we moved all around

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Holiday Schedule


We are happy the Holidays are upon us!  We want to wish all of our GroundSpeeders a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  We hope your new year is full of Love, Joy

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November is in the Books


Getting down with the PR’s in November! Way to go Athletes. Keep up the AWESOME WORK! Brandi - 1st RX WOD Lauren B. - 80k Squat Clean / 80k PC / 80k Split Jerk Gio

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Have You Met Him


Maybe you haven’t actually met him, but I’m sure you’ve seen him in the box. He’s the one who comes in and does lots of jump roping, crazy jump roping, kind of like he’s dancing

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Down Fall Out….


Okay we are over the 1st Holiday Hump!  I'm sure most of us have eaten enough food for 3 people the last few days! Do you feel like this cat above?!?!?!!? Well, the Holiday Season is in

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Gettin’ Fit


We want to introduce another one of our amazing athletes to you. One who has witnessed the transformation first hand. One who is dedicated and determined! One who has gained the confidence she deserves! This

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