November is in the Books


Getting down with the PR’s in November! Way to go Athletes. Keep up the AWESOME WORK! Brandi - 1st RX WOD Lauren B. - 80k Squat Clean / 80k PC / 80k Split Jerk Gio

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Have You Met Him


Maybe you haven’t actually met him, but I’m sure you’ve seen him in the box. He’s the one who comes in and does lots of jump roping, crazy jump roping, kind of like he’s dancing

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Down Fall Out….


Okay we are over the 1st Holiday Hump!  I'm sure most of us have eaten enough food for 3 people the last few days! Do you feel like this cat above?!?!?!!? Well, the Holiday Season is in

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Upcoming Event and Schedules


This Saturday (11/21) and Sunday (11/22) Join us at CFGS for a Good Cause. We will be doing a Special/Benefit WOD! Legacies Alive: Swim for Their Sacrifice Benefit #SwimForTheirSacrifice WOD (For Time) - 2,000m Row -

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Gettin’ Fit


We want to introduce another one of our amazing athletes to you. One who has witnessed the transformation first hand. One who is dedicated and determined! One who has gained the confidence she deserves! This

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Killing Your Next WOD


Your performance in today’s workout is directly influenced by how well your body has recovered from yesterday’s exertions. Regardless if you are an experienced crosffitter or a beginner, you know what those first few weeks

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Lurong Living Challenge 2015


We have officially completed the worldwide Lurong Living Challenge of 2015!  Pat yourselves on the back Athletes, you all did great!!! We just want to say how proud we are of each and everyone of

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Hittin’ those PR’s


Way to GO GROUNDSPEEDERS! We had some great PR's reached last month! All the way from New Time Crossfitters to Old Timer Crossfitters HITTIN' those PR's! THIS IS GREAT!!! Jenn H. > 75kg Front Squat Britt

Hittin’ those PR’s2015-11-01T22:39:10+00:00
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