This month’s “Box Superstar of the Month” we have chosen………

Susan Krikava and would like to recognize her for many amazing qualities and attributes she brings to our community. We feel so blessed to have her as a member of our GroundSpeed family and we feel she deserves the spotlight! Susan demonstrates a determination that not only drives her to success, but it also is very motivating for all others around her. In addition to how hard Susan works, she approaches every single workout with a great attitude. An attitude that portrays a humbling confidence with a desire to progress; to be better and stronger!! She is a motivator…a dedicated athlete….and an inspiration to us all. One other very note-worthy qualities of Susan’s is her ability to accept constructive criticism with open ears and mind; she is very coachable which is highly respected and an admirable attribute. She most definitely demonstrates what it takes to become a strong, competitive, and successful.

Below are a few quotes from our coaching staff offering up his/her personal reflection of Susan:

“Susan has a very positive attitude and helps other athletes!”

“Susan pushes herself on every workout, maintains a great attitude and is always striving to reach the next progression in her skills.”

“Susan is always open to being coached and is ambitious as far as trying to push herself to lift heavier weights!”

“She gives every workout her all and she is a great role model, especially for our female athletes”

Congratulations Susan and thank you for all you offer to our community of fitness here at CFGS….You ROCK!

Your Friend,

The Blog-Fitter