Hello GroundSpeeders!  It’s hard to believe it’s already July of 2016.  What a great half of the year it has been so far.  We have a couple of announcements that we would like to share with you!
First we want to send out a Huge CONGRATULATIONS to our Top Lurong Summer Challenge Finishers.  These 3 ladies gave it all they had. They worked hard and saw results! Please help us in Congratulating:
Jaime Pritchard, Kristen Finlen and Belinda Pollett 
Also, congrats to all the GroundSpeeders who stuck it out through the whole challenge, that is a big accomplishment in itself!
For the Month of June we want to recognize Reanata Williams.  She is our Super Star for the Month!  Renata “Saunters” enters into the box each morning heading straight for the white board with a discerned pout on her face before she even knows what is in store for her next hour…BUT without hesitation she gears up, prepares and attacks each day with intensity and dedication that is admirably relentless.  She is not afraid to embrace her weaknesses and capitalize on her strengths.  She demonstrates to other athletes what a positive approach, hard work and determination can achieve.  In a 5 week period we tracked a 10+ lb loss in body weight, 10 total inches lost and multiple PR’s established suggesting increased performance; she continues to strive to be better, stronger and successful every single time she enters the box.  She truly is a great representation of what our Cult that Cares is all about.  We are SUPER proud of her and her gains made thus far and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this determined athlete.  We value the qualities Renata brings with her each and every single day she walks through those doors and encourages others to mirror such greatness.  AWESOME Renata – KEEP IT UP!!!
It’s time for our Beach WOD!  Who’s ready for a WOD on the beach and then fun in the sun with our CrossFit Family!?  If you are interested please meet us at Coligney Beach Hilton Head Island, on Saturday July 23rd at 9:00 am. We will provide a CrossFit Kids WOD after the adult WOD is complete!  Let’s Beach it!
WOW look at all these PR’s for the month of June!  Ya’ll are doing great! Us coaches are all so proud of all these PR’s. Keep it up!
Danny S. 162kg
Caroline 62kg
Belinda 45kg
Mehan 125kg
Wren 92kg
Brant 140kg
Renata 130kg
Princess Tess 85kg
Brandi 90kg
Jillian 75kg
Sarah 90kg
Ryan M. 180kg
Jessica 115kg
Veronica 110kg
Jaime 110kg
Ryan B 95kg
Todd B 144kg
Wren 65kg
Renata 65kg
Brandi 75kg
Carrie 63kg
Melissa C. 100kg
Jenn H. 95kg
Brooke 75kg
Ashlynn 70kg
Piper 50kg
Rebecca 85kg
Kevin 100kg
Drew 105kg
Strict Press
Jenn H. 44kg
Ashley 44kg
Brandi 43kg
Chad 136kg
AJ 30kg
Squat Clean
Brandi 54kg
Power Clean
Amy C 41kg
1st Robe Climb
Amy C
Christy B. X2
Melissa S.
Muscle Up
Mehan X100
Rx’d 1st WOD
Fran PR’s
Kevin 5:50 RX
Chad 4:06 RX
Ashley 4:22 RX
Randy PR’s
Brian H. 11:57 RX
Your Friend,
The Blog-Fitter