My fitness journey is much like everyone else. I played sports my entire life. I did well getting the most out of my abilities which led me to play collegiate basketball. It was during these college years that I found the importance of weight training. Although I enjoyed the idea of getting stronger with weight training, I found myself becoming bored quickly with the same routine over and over. I was always researching a new workout regimen or new ways to change up my chest/tri days or my back/bi days. Upon graduating college, I began my career as a Police Officer. My job requires me to run, push, pull, fight, jump, squat, deadlift and most importantly I must ensure my ‘brothers’ and I are able to go home at the end of the shift to our families. A few years into my chosen career path, it became evident to me that I was no longer the “young guy on the job”. Upon my realization of needing a more job specific physical daily regimen, I found CrossFit. My wife, Darcy, and I decided to explore this CrossFit journey together; we have been hooked ever since. I love coaching and being witness to athletes achieving things they never thought possible.