We have officially completed the worldwide Lurong Living Challenge of 2015!  Pat yourselves on the back Athletes, you all did great!!!

We just want to say how proud we are of each and everyone of our Athlete’s that competed in this challenge. We hope it made a big impact on your way of eating and living. We have seen some major improvements in so many of you!

Keep up the Good work Athletes and don’t quit with the healthy eating!

We would like to share a little testimony of one of our very own, who just completed this challenge…….

“Over a year ago I was in a bad place in my life.  I lost my fiancé in a car accident, I was in a sad state of depression, I felt alone and I felt like my life meant nothing. My mom finally convinced me to come to Crossfit Groundspeed to try and get my mind off of things.  The first time I walked into the BOX I was scared to death. I had gained weight from just having a baby, plus I thought I was going to be an outsider.  Boy was I wrong.  Everyone was super excited to have me and made me feel so welcome and at home. When I started my Crossfit journey I never saw a real change in my WOD times, or my body, no matter how often I came, until I started the Lurong Challenge.  I loved the paleo life…..I could eat normal (within a few guidelines) and I was never hungry.  I have noticed a big difference in my skin and my asthmatic bronchitis has not bothered me as much since I started eating clean.  As a started doing the workouts for the challenge, I decided I wanted/needed the FULL challenge.  So, I decided to push myself to the limit and  RX every WOD that was presented to me! Not only did I complete that inner challenge, but since eating clean I have lowered my 5k time by whole 10 mins! My Fran time went from 25 mins to now a whopping 8 mins!!    I love Crossfit and My Crossfit Family.  I don’t know where I would be in my life right now if it weren’t for my parents, Crossfit and my Crossfit family!  My final numbers with the Lurong Challenge made me feel AMAZING and PROUD!

Starting Weigh-In            Final Weigh-In

Weight – 182 lbs                   Weight – 172 lbs

L arm – 13                             L arm – 12 7/8

R arm – 13 1/8                     R arm – 12 7/8

L leg – 26 5/8                      L leg – 25

R leg – 26 5/8                     R leg – 25

Waist – 38                           Waist – 33

Hips – 40                             Hips 36

                           *****  and I’m down 4% Body Fat!!!!!

I’m living proof that eating clean and pushing yourself to new limits does nothing but GOOD FOR YOUR BODY!

Thank you Crossfit Groundspeed Family, Coaches, and my personal Family for helping me, pushing me and standing by me through the past 7 weeks!

Staying Fit,

Megan Keyes”received_1048672051812303


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