Jenna is a military spouse and mother of two. She grew up in Athens, Georgia and attended Gordon State College before joining the US Army. She spent three years as a Chinook Helicopter Mechanic in Fort Drum, New York before starting her journey as a mother. In the Army she found her love of running and Fitness. After leaving the military her husband was stationed in Savannah, Georgia. This is where Jenna started her career in the field of fitness.

Jenna started CrossFit in January of 2019 and have been addicted ever since. She knew once she started that this was more than just what she wanted to do in her free time. Jenna got ACE Personal Training Certified and is now a Level 1 CrossFit instructor. Jenna has a passion for not only coaching but working with Athletes on a day to day basis, and being a part of such a positive community.