Never a fan of team sports I found wrestling my senior year of high school. I started hitting the gyms after that doing traditional bodybuilding type workouts at various gyms. I entered the military and was introduced to running and body weight type exercises like pullups, situps, pushups, etc. aka functional fitness. I spent my career after the military in the fire department and quickly saw the need to be physically able to perform in adverse conditions. Not wanting to spend countless hours away from my family I went searching for something we could all do together. I discovered a dvd based home fitness program and started doing that with my wife while still doing some traditional gym stuff. I soon realized I needed something more functional and varied when I found Crossfit’s main site. I started following the free programming on the site and started a home gym. I wanted to understand Crossfit more so in 2010 I attended my first Crossfit Level 1 seminar and was hooked. I was able to incorporate crossfit training at the fire department setting up several small crossfit gyms at the stations.

There is something about sweating and suffering together in training that brings people together to accomplish greater goals. Firefighters say there is no way to train to hard for a job that can get you killed and that truth is what helped me to “get comfortable being uncomfortable.” I love when people come into the gym and do things they never thought they would be able to do and get into the best shape of their life at any stage of life.

[CF-L1] Coach James Krikava