Heather Smith




I have always enjoyed being active. I grew up playing softball as a kid through my high school years. After high school graduation, I went to nursing school. I didn’t have time to play team sports, but I wanted to stay fit. I started running and competing in 5k races. 5k races turned into 10k races into half marathons into marathons. I then started competing in triathlons of all distances I completed 65 marathons and 6 ironman triathlons. Then my life took a turn. I was diagnosed with lupus. I was encouraged by my doctor to try weight training instead of the endurance training that I was no longer able to do. So a friend suggested I try CrossFit. I am very blessed to have Crossfit in my life. It has made me a stronger more well-rounded athlete despite Lupus. I look forward to helping others be stronger, more well-rounded athletes despite whatever their limitations are.


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