Eric Knox



My fitness journey has been forever evolving. It started at 10 years old with a weight bench in the garage and grew over the years to sport specific training for whatever sport I was playing at the time. Like most people I started playing traditional sports like baseball and basketball. Baseball become my love and I played competitively for many years before I went on the play at the collegiate level with Georgia Tech.

I had a love for being in the gym that ran equal to my love of being on the field. The late nights and early mornings were always viewed as an opportunity and not a chore. Over time the exposure to great strength and conditioning coaches fueled my fire to get more into fitness. What used to be long hours in the batting cage quickly turned to long hours in the gym excited to become stronger and faster.

Once baseball finished for me I always kept working out but the monotony of the traditional gym got to me a little bit so I went looking for something different. I walked into Crossfit one day and never looked back. It filled the competitive void I had been looking for and offered a new mindset to training and becoming the best version of yourself. Even greater than that, though, was how the community helped me. These people became my family through all the days of rallying each other to do great things.
Since becoming a Crossfit coach, it has been my favorite part of each day to help other
people discover all of the capabilities that they never knew they had and become consistent in their fitness. Crossfit is for everybody and the community and knowledge that our coaches and athletes possess are the greatest things about our box!

[CF-L1] Coach Eric Knox


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