Saying Good-bye to December and Hello to January 2016!

What a great way to end 2015 with all these great PR’s!  Ya’ll Rock!  Keep up the Good work through 2016 and let’s make lots of awesome PR’s!

Squat Cleans

Matt M 115k
Edit 45k
Jamie 34k
Javier 70k
Megan K. 69k
Brandi 45k
Jose 65k
Chad 142k
Danny 80k


Jose 120k
Chris R. 170k
Joe T. 150k
Emanuel 90k
Sam 160k
Brandi 80k
Sam 160k

Squat Snatch

Gio 70k
Jessica B. 43k
Veronica 40k
Jaime P 43k
Sweets 51k
Lauren B. 61k
Danny 65k

Front Squats

Lauren B. 90k
Chris R. 120k
Jose 75k
Edith 55k

Double Unders

Becki 42 in a row
Sue  14 in a row


Becki 5 kipping
Megan K. 11 kipping

Clean & Jerk

Danny 90k
Ryan Flood 28k
Gio 92.5k

Back Squats

Bob 182k

Your Friend,

The Blog-Fitter