Darcy has been involved in fitness, in one form or another, since elementary school in Plainfield, Vermont. She was a three sport athlete all through high school and into the collegiate level. Weightlifting (Oly lifts) was introduced to her during her high school years by a former Olympic Coach/athlete. These high-intensity workouts confirmed to Darcy that she was going to train seriously for the rest of her life. Following College, Darcy became a Personal Trainer in a small town local gym in Vermont. She found herself becoming more and more passionate about overall health, fitness, and exercise and wanted more! In 2007 she moved to Georgia where she started up her own Personal Training/fitness class instructor business. Crossfit was introduced to Darcy in 2010 and has been WOD’ing it up ever since. June 2012, she became a level 1 Crossfit Instructor with full intentions of opening up her own facility. Most of her Crossfit training (aside from the Certification) is self-taught and originally had very little exposure to actual Crossfit facilities; only recently had she started attending a local box, Crossfit Hyperformance, to be able to experience the full benefits of Crossfit that she couldn’t get by doing WOD’s on her own. With every class she attended she fell more and more in love with CrossFit – not just for the physical benefits she saw, but for the community aspect that truly brings people together to change lives for the better daily. In August 2012 Darcy opened the doors to her own Crossfit affiliate (originally affiliated as “Rincon Athletic CrossFit” later to become “CrossFit GroundSpeed”). Since opening the box, she has furthered her knowledge with becoming certified in CrossFit Gymnastics, Coaches Prep Course (also recognized as Level 2), USAW Level 1 and is registered for CrossFit Kids in October 2014.

Crossfit has really brought clarity to the” Definition of Fitness” for Darcy. It’s no longer a profession, or a hobby, or a way to lose weight…..it is a foundation of optimal health within a unique community that works hard to create maximum physical and emotional life-long results!