Have you heard for CrossFit Kids?  Did you know we offer it right here at CrossFit GroundSpeed?

CrossFit Kids is based on the principle of a regular CrossFit program (body weight calisthenics, gymnastics and weight-lifting), but also adds some focus on elements to encourage bone density and vestibular system development. Whether you child is athletic or not, CrossFit will enhanced their sports performances/abilities. Its a terrific tool to cross-train and to get a full-body conditioning for kids who are serious about a single sport. More and more studies show that it’s what kids need to help prevent the increasing number of overuse injuries. Providing a healthy lifestyle for your child is essential for their well being now and for later. The more kids are exposed to when they are young, the more connections and capacity’s they develop and retain for the rest of their lives. CrossFit has become an avenue for many different kinds of kids to get what they need. On the surface it’s a great way to get fit and in shape, but also this is a very positive impact on children’s academic achievement.

It’s is meant to be Fun for all ages. Fun means we provide active alternatives, which could mean all-around better health for your child. Our program is scaled for all ages or experience levels. One of our CrossFit Kids Coach, Allison Doten, does just that with our kids, she makes it fun, but very beneficial. She has been a preschool and competitive gymnastic coach for the last 4 years. Allison finds it very rewarding while teaching a child the benefits of exercise and fitness.

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