If you have ever been into a CrossFit box you have seen many different acronyms, probably posted on a white board listed as items for the workout.  Maybe they were things that looked foreign to you. Or maybe they were things that just made you go “Hum”. Or maybe you were smart enough to figure them out (if that is the case go ahead and pat yourself on the back!)

Well here is a little lesson on these acronyms and we are going to call this lesson:


Box – What we call our gym
WOD – Workout of the Day
AMRAP – As Many Rounds as Possible
EMOM – Every Minute on the Minute
PR – Personal Record
RX’d – Prescribed Weight
Rep – Repetition
TABATA – 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest x8 rounds
RFT – Rounds for Time

BS – Back Squat
FS – Front Squat
OHS – Over Head Squat
HSC – Hanging Squat Clean
HC – Hang Clean
SC – Squat Clean
PC – Power Clean
C& J – Clean and Jerk
PJ – Push Jerk
PP – Push Press
DL – Deadlfits
SDHP – Sumo Deadlift High Pull
SN – Snatch
HSPU – Hand Stand Push Up
HAPU – Hands Away Push Up
PU – Pull Ups
CTB – Chest to Bar
TTB – Toes to Bar
KB – Kettle bell
MU – Muscle Up
DU – Double Unders

Now you are prepared!  Make a mental note of these, so next time you go into the CrossFit box you look like you know what you are doing! Good Luck!

Your friend,

The Blog-Fitter