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We've got some events that are coming up in October that we want y'all to know about. October 1st CrossFit Steadfast is hosting Barbells for Boobs 514 Berrien St. Savannah 3:00 PM - 6:30 PM

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Hurricane Hermine


ATTENTION Athletes Due to the weather conditions that are expected in our area tomorrow, Friday, September 2, CrossFit GroundSpeed will be CLOSED. **All Classes are canceled for Friday!** As of now, we will resume regular

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Labor Day 2016


This Monday, September 5, is Labor Day. Please note that we will only have 1 class the whole day! Monday, September 5 9:00 AM - ONLY Enjoy your Labor Day!! Your Friend, The Blog-Fitter  

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CFGS has gone Social


Have you followed us? Can’t find us? Have you tweeted us? Do you need information? Do you need to read a good article? Have you wanted to reach out to us, but don’t know how?

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August Star Athlete


It’s time to introduce our Star Athlete of the Month! Have you met Amy? Well we are sure you have seen her working hard and pushing herself to the extreme in our classes! Here is a picture of Amy

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!! News Alert !!


Hello GroundSpeeders!  It's hard to believe it's already July of 2016.  What a great half of the year it has been so far.  We have a couple of announcements that we would like to share with you!

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April’s Athlete of the Month


Jose Rodrigez     A man of few words, yet leaves such an impact on the floor.  Jose joined us in October of 2015 with a slight coaxing from his wife Edith, who has been

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CrossFit for Dummies


If you have ever been into a CrossFit box you have seen many different acronyms, probably posted on a white board listed as items for the workout.  Maybe they were things that looked foreign to you. Or maybe they were

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March’s Athlete(s) of the Month


CrossFit Open 2016 division winner’s within our box!!   Men’s Masters RX:   Chris Doten Women’s Masters RX:   Heather Smith (advanced to the next level) Men’s RX:  Kevin Eargle Women’s RX:  Jenn Hughey Men’s Scaled:  Criag

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