Carlie Wallace



Carlie’s fitness journey began at a very young age with Carlie and her Mom sweating it out to Jane Fonda videos. It eventually led to her playing team sports throughout school and into college. It’s in college where, while playing university soccer, Carlie became a self-proclaimed “gym rat”. She’d often skip class to hit the gym where she’d spend hours doing mostly cardio in hopes of one day being “skinny”. Carlie had always had an athletic build, a figure type that wasn’t appreciated when she was growing up.

Carlie served in the Army for 12 years after graduating college. Her gym obsession grew stronger as she continued to strive to weigh a certain amount and look a certain way. She eventually got hooked on long-distance running.

In 2012, Carlie separated from the Army and found herself unable to run without severe knee pain. She hired a personal trainer who did her a great favor by telling her she was “skinny fat”. It was during her time with this personal trainer Carlie began to reassess her approach to her health and fitness. She started to see food as fuel and her fitness less as a means to look a certain way but more of a means to be a certain person. She started lifting weights and eating well and eventually completed her first figure competition. Accomplishing such a personal goal inspired Carlie to help others. She became a certified personal trainer and Functional Movement Systems Level I professional and is now the owner and operator of FITWORTHY Personal Training. She is also the CFGS Bootcamp Program owner and coach. She has traded the countless hours of light weight lifting and mindless cardio for CrossFit and never looked back nor has she ever been fitter. For Carlie, becoming FIT has changed her entire life. It’s about being FULFILLED with who she is, those she shares her life with, and whatever God has planned for her. It’s about being INSPIRED by those around her and setting out to inspire others. And it’s about seeing everyday as an opportunity to TRANSFORM into a better version of herself. She is FITWORTHY. Her goal as a Personal Trainer and Coach is to help everyone she meets to realize they are FITWORTHY too!

“I became a coach and personal trainer to help others embrace their inner strength while extinguishing their self-doubt through fitness.” – Carlie Wallace

Carlie Wallace is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1).


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