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Achilles Pain & DU’s Correlation(s)


What are possible CAUSES of Achilles pain post DU's WOD? Per our resident Jump Rope "ninja", Chris Rawlins, the following are possible factors:  [We need to recognize that] a double under is a ballistic movement

Achilles Pain & DU’s Correlation(s)2021-02-23T00:04:26+00:00

June 2017


Let me apologize in advance if I missed anyone! The June white board was so full, some of it was hard to comprehend! Hopefully, I got everyone covered and give everyone credit where credit is

June 20172021-02-23T00:04:26+00:00

May PR’s


We have some great PR's for the month of May! Way to go guys. Keep pushing yourselves to the limits! ROPE CLIMB Devone - without legs Jose - without legs Shar CLEAN n JERK Megan

May PR’s2021-02-23T00:04:26+00:00

April PR Board


The White Board is low this month! Where is everyone?! Come on GroundSpeeders let's fill up this board during the month of May! Congrats to the April PR makers. Glad to see you are all

April PR Board2021-02-23T00:04:26+00:00

March PR Board


Way to go to all the Athlete's who completed a PR this month! Keep it up! Kevin E - 66 unbroken DU's & 61 kg Squat Snatch Eric - 2 triple unders Shar - 19

March PR Board2021-02-23T00:04:27+00:00

And that’s a wrap…..


Last week wrapped up 2017 Friday Night Lights. Thank you so much for everyone help and participation. We are so proud at everyone's hard work and accomplishments this year. Congratulations to all of our winners

And that’s a wrap…..2021-02-23T00:04:27+00:00

February PR Board


Wall Climb Jennifer Bob Kelsey Carlos DU's Wren Susan x6 Abi R. Carol R. Brandi W. x100 JoAnna x2 Amanda x24 Gensis x2 Shalon x25 Christie x21 Power Snatch Amy C. - 40 kg Jessica

February PR Board2021-02-23T00:04:27+00:00

CrossFit Open 2017


The CrossFit Open/FNL starts this week! If you have signed up for the Open/FNL please commit to the entire competition, and have some fun with it. Each week when the workout is released there will

CrossFit Open 20172021-02-23T00:04:27+00:00

January PR Board


We had some great PR's for January! Check out the board! Back Squat Genesis – 78 kg Joanna – 116 kg Jessica – 81kg Nichole – 50 kg Christie – 69 kg Eric – 150

January PR Board2017-02-09T14:00:09+00:00

Friday Night Lights 2017


Friday Night Lights at CFGS When: 2/24-3/24 Where: CFGS Box of course! Time: 5-8* Who: YOU!!!! (RX, SCALED, BEGINNER LEVELS) Cost: $30.00 SHOULD I SIGN UP FOR THE OPEN AND FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS? 1: Yes,

Friday Night Lights 20172017-02-08T22:40:26+00:00
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