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Jan/Feb PR Board


Congrats GroundSpeeders!!! BACK SQUAT Jaime P. - 98kg SQUAT SNATCH Piper - 50kg Matt M. - 90kg DEADLIFT Lauren R. - 135kg Carrie R. - 83kg Brooke C. - 83kg Susan K. - 90 kg

Jan/Feb PR Board2021-02-23T00:04:26+00:00

December PR’s


What a great finish to 2017 GroundSpeeders **Cheers to making 2018 even GREATER!!!!!!** Back Squat Mary - 40kg Lauren R. - 85kg Eric - 160kg Jose - 130kg James - 130kg Drew - 125kg Clean

December PR’s2021-02-23T00:04:26+00:00

Next Week Schedule


Hey GroundSpeeders, Please help us spread the word about next week's class schedule! Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) - 10:00 AM class only Friday - 10:00 AM class only Saturday - 9:00 AM & 10:00 AM only

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Superstar of the Month


This month’s “Box Superstar of the Month” we have chosen......... Susan Krikava and would like to recognize her for many amazing qualities and attributes she brings to our community. We feel so blessed to have

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September & October PR’s


Keep picking your personal goals, meeting your goals and writing them down! OVERHEAD SQUAT Eric - 100kg BACK SQUAT Erica - 70 kg Brandy - 70 kg Shar - 62 kg Brian - 155kg Gio

September & October PR’s2021-02-23T00:04:26+00:00

Athlete of the Month


Donnie Tyrone!!! Donnie has been CrossFitting with us since January 2017. Since he began his journey he has shown nothing but hard work and dedication to becoming a better athlete! His strides to be better every day

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August PR Board


Hey All!  I personally want to appologize that this post for August PR's is so late.  Please forgive me! Here are the great PR's that were met in August! Front Squat Chris R - 140

August PR Board2021-02-23T00:04:26+00:00

Groundspeeds Super-Star


We would like to highlight one of our athletes as the “Box Superstar of the Month” This month we have chosen Lauren Rose!!   What a testimony this girl has and she is still transforming

Groundspeeds Super-Star2021-02-23T00:04:26+00:00

July’s Superstars


Congrats to the PR's for the month of July!  Be sure to write all of your PR's on the white board, so everyone can see your accomplishments! Hang PC Allison - 53kg Piper - 53kg

July’s Superstars2021-02-23T00:04:26+00:00

Achilles Tendonitis


Following up from previous post; From Buddy Lee and Chris Rawlins - advise on dealing with Achilles tendonitis [possibly] due to double unders... The problem- Here is the solution to you and all jumpers who

Achilles Tendonitis2021-02-23T00:04:26+00:00
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