It’s time to introduce our Star Athlete of the Month!

Have you met Amy? Well we are sure you have seen her working hard and pushing herself to the extreme in our classes! Here is a picture of Amy before starting CrossFit…


Amy finally gave this “crazy crossfit thing” a try in February of this year.

What you may not know about Amy is she had never played sports or been a member at a gym, prior to February! Now a regular Night Owl, Amy is constantly improving! She shows up with a “can do” attitude, has dramatically improved her form, and constantly pushes herself to do better. She even RX’d her very first WOD this week!

She has earned a new confidence over the last 7 months and proved being fit is possible even with a 10 month old baby in tow. Not only has Amy PR’d almost every lift since she began, but also is close to mastering kipping pull-ups and kipping hand stand push-ups. She has even mentioned how bad she wants to compete next year! If Amy isn’t busy giving it her all on the gym floor you can find her cheering on her fellow Night Owls.IMG_0504

We are all very excited you have joined our CrossFit family and can’t wait to see you continue to grow as a GroundSpeed athlete! Please help us in Congratulating Amy!

Your Friend,

The Blog-Fitter