Donnie Tyrone!!!

Donnie has been CrossFitting with us since January 2017. Since he began his journey he has shown nothing but hard work and dedication to becoming a better athlete! His strides to be better every day that he shows up to the box are clearly paying off. He has gained strength, endurance and overall improvements in a very short period of time.

With minimal complaints he gives 110% every hour he is at the box. Not only does he show up to every class ready to learn and work hard, he was also acknowledged by one of our Open Gym coaches with the following: “Donnie comes to open gym every Sunday and his dedication to working on his weaknesses has caused him to turn into a very good athlete. You hardly ever catch him doing a wheelhouse workout on a Sunday. He comes in and hammers his weaknesses so that he can become better.”

We are super pleased to have Donnie as a part of our community. He demonstrates the positive attitude and dedication we should all strive for!
Keep it up Donnie, we couldn’t be more proud of you!!

Your Friend,
The Blog-Fitter