Competitive sports have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember starting as a swimmer when I was 5 year old. I ran track, played basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, and racquetball recognizing that I felt better and stayed healthier the more active I was. I started lifting weights in college and played around with different types of routines: body part specific day, push/pull day, super sets, giant sets, total body – you name it, I am sure I have done it! My favorite type of workout has always been a complete HIIT workout. In between lifts I would add cardio sets to get the most out of my workout in the least amount of time, leaving me breathless and sweating. CrossFit has not only given me an outlet for the style of workout I most enjoy but it also adds the elements of competition, camaraderie and support from fellow athletes, and goal-setting for personal development that helps push us harder then we may push ourselves. I’m inspired to improve each workout whether that is finishing with a faster time, lifting more weight, or progressing toward my next PR every time I step into the box.

As a preschool and competitive gymnastic coach for the last 4 years, I see so much potential in young people. They have unbelievable drive and dedication when they find their passion. There is nothing more personally rewarding for me than teaching children the benefits of exercise and fitness, and I love the challenge of trying to make fitness fun and exciting. My goal is to meld my two passions and pursue a CrossFit Kids Certification.