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Achilles Tendonitis

Following up from previous post;

From Buddy Lee and Chris Rawlins – advise on dealing with Achilles tendonitis [possibly] due to double unders…

The problem-

Here is the solution to you and all jumpers who are experiencing this
problem from performing consecutive double unders!

Please see your doctor if this pain persist

Achilles tendonitis is what you may be experiencing. The pain is a serious warning sign. If you continue to do double unders with this pain, it can be the beginning of a weaken tendon and can make you more vulnerable to a tear or rupture Achilles tendon that would require surgery.

There are a number of factors that could cause this persistent pain!

Causes of this injury-

High intensity jumping movements like double and triple unders

Weak calves
Too much repetition too soon of a high intensity exercise(double unders)
Improper preparation like a good warm up before performing double unders
Replace worn out shoes and / or
Wear cross training tennis shoes with good arch support


Check your jumping technique
Progress slowing and build a good jump rope foundation and technique
Stop performing doubles so often integrate with low impact jumping
skills like basic bounce and alternate foot step jump on softer surfaces
jump on a trampoline.
Wear cross training tennis shoes with good arch support or inserts


Rest from Jumping until pain goes away
See physical therapist for rehabilitation and prescription of stretching and strength exercise for the calves, achilles tendon and supportive structure


Stretch before, during and afer each jumping session.
integrate low impact movements such as basic jumping and running steps
Avoid performing double under during each WOD!
As an alternative jumping skill – perform the basic bounce and running
step during work outs of the day until your jumping pain goes away

Rope to Success!

Buddy Lee/Chris Rawlins

Michael GiaquintoAchilles Tendonitis