Felix Figuereo

As a kid, I loved to play baseball. As a teen, I ran H.S. Cross-Country and pretty much dominated the Inwood [NYC] paddle ball scene. However, after 5 years of US Army active duty, I convinced myself that running a few miles once in a while would help keep me in decent shape; but it certainly didn’t. I quickly gained enough weight to put me in the Morbidly Obese BMI Classification.

A friend in Savannah Ga., area turned me onto Crossfit and since 2010 Crossfit has played a key role in my daily fitness regimen. After a few years of Crossfit, my wife and daughter [I am proud to say] are avid Crossfitters too. Still working on my boys.

Today, I take personal interest in giving back a little to the Crossfit community here in Rincon Ga. I believe that in everything we do we should have fun and learn from our mistakes. So, I am the first to crack a joke or laugh at myself when things don’t go the way I want them to.  Don’t be surprised if you hear me take a song and make it my own using the music and lyrics to lighten up the mood when we are facing a tough challenge, like oh say – MURPH!

[CF-L1] Coach Felix [Felito] Figuereo